CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI154 [2006]

They all say the same thing
The Dull Routine of Existence
Mute Conclusion
Futile Resistance
The Dreaded Sun
Walking through syrup

"Tortuna", "Urmula", "Ratan", "Korrelations" and "Pursuit of pleasure". Five classic, in genuine terms, releases from a group that has always had a special place in my affections. The music created by K Meizter & Drakhon never failing to please. The MZ.412 connection doesn’t hurt either come to think of it. So much so that they sit together, along with the other projects by HNB, side by side in my CD collection. Seems fitting that way. "The Dull Routine Of Existence" marks the 6th essential release by the duo and, once more, the ever increasing development in their musical progress.

Featuring ten tracks, housed in a six panel digi-pack, BSE have turned their attentions to the dull everyday routine of life through dark and experimentally tinged ambient music. They chop and change from melodic black phases, onto dynamic rhythms, through thoughtfully processed sounds / samples and aurally stunning, engrossingly taught dark sound sculptures. BSE at their best. There’s just so much to admire about "The Dull Routine Of Existence". It’s a release that gets straight to the heart of its subject matter. The fight to get up in the morning to endure another futile repetitive workload, all the while dreaming of better things which reality tells will never happen, before getting home and readying yourself to start the process all over again. This is told through the sounds of an Industrial styled backdrop and dropped in meaningless conversations, which like the work itself become a major chore, before the closing of the door on another day. We’ve all been there. Lived that. Done that. Well here is the soundtrack to your life. Enjoy. It doesn’t get any better.

The music, as with all BSE releases, is highly atmospheric and charged with emotion. No matter the subject matter they continually surpass their previous works by adding new elements into their work. "The Dull Routine Of Existence" is no exception to this and is a release that deserves all the critical praise that it must surely garner. An exquisite, hypnotically captivating, and essential release from two artists who deserve your undivided attention.


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