CD: Old Europa Cafe OECD 064 [2004]

The Last Operation
Observing The Invisible
Inside Erasmus's Head
Future Directions
Anthem For A New Tomorrow
Numbers Rule The Universe
Time-Travellers' Dilemma
The State Of The World

Beyond Sensory Experience is the work of the combined talents of K Melzter and Drakhon (of MZ412 fame).

The final part of the trilogy to be released by BSE, which began with "Tortuna" followed by "Urmula", has arrived at last to much sweaty anticipation by this reviewer. Their mixture of black ambient and brooding soundscapes have appealed to my senses and I’m pleased to say that "Ratan" follows on with this tradition in a most exemplary fashion. Over 9 tracks BSE take you into their ‘heart of darkness’ on a trip you’ll never forget. Unlike some music which never diversifies in style or content "Ratan" spreads its musical wings far and wide. One minute you’re floating up high in the clouds of ambience and the next you’re on a downward spiral to a vision of a personal hell. Atmospheric music with a capital ‘A’ and I for one cannot wait to see where BSE go from here.

"Ratan" is a fitting end to what has been an excellent trilogy of releases and one that sits proudly within my collection.


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