CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI137 [2005]

Pursuit Of Pleasure
Affection / Devotion
Anything Golden
Code Of Sexual Morality
The Trade
Youth Duality
The Lickerish Quartet
Advanced Human Sexuality (AHS)
Craving The Touch
Hold Your Breath And Close Your Eyes

A quick recap for those of you not in the know about Beyond Sensory Experience. Formed by K Meizter and Drakhon (MZ412, L.A.B) they released a trilogy of brilliant dark ambient / experimental music comprising of "Tortuna", "Urmula" and "Ratan" on the OEC label. Leaving the label with a pick & mix, tracks not on the trilogy and selected re-mixes, CD titled "Korrelations" they moved to CMI and "‘Pursuit of Pleasure" is their first release for this label.

BSE have always re-adapted their sound with each subsequent release…moving seamlessly into uncharted realms…never staying too long within one specific genre. As befitting a new label they have once more exceeded expectations by releasing a truly moving and emotional release dealing with the subject of sexuality. "Pursuit of pleasure" captures these experiences through minimalist use of dark ambiance and piano led pieces with assorted samples / softly spoken word passages. Reminding me in places of a more sombre A Silver Mt Zion, this is truly an invigorating and extraordinary release that tugs at the heart strings with its desolate beauty. Slow in execution, compared to their earlier works, the music comes alive with its vibrancy and intimate naked closeness. Images of bodies entwined, sweat glistening before the afterglow of orgasm, and the sudden parting of flesh as reality beckons bringing with it thoughts of elation and disappointment. Regrets and recriminations suddenly forced to the fore. An anti-climax to all that’s just happened. All this is reflected in the spirit of the music which also adds restrained touches of experimentation into the soundscapes.

BSE continue to release some of the most exquisite, thought provoking and contemporary music you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing and "Pursuit of Pleasure" marks a new and daring dawning on their first recording for CMI.


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