CD: Old Europa Cafe OECD 070 [2004]

The Two-Trace Problem (Alexxx Remix)
Urmula (Do Shaska! Remix)
Yes Satan
Inside Erasmus's Bed
Arbogast (P3 Remix)
Himmelen (Zdan Remix)
Tortuna (Henrik Nordvargr Björkk Remix)
Future Directions (Morge Remix)
Ratan II (Alk0 Remix)

Beyond Sensory Experience bid a fond farewell to the OEC label, which has nurtured them through their trilogy of "Tortuna", "Ratan" & "Urmula" releases, and are moving onto pastures new (CMI actually but that‘s by the by). Knowing the way that groups flit back and forth between labels don’t be surprised if they turn up once more on OEC sometime in the future.

"Korrelations" was planned to be released in a box which would hold the recording and the aforementioned trilogy all in one neat package. That idea got shelved. Probably cost too much. So it goes. Don’t be confused here. "Korrelations" isn’t an additional part to that trilogy but acts as a companion piece to them with eleven tracks of odds & sods of unreleased work in with additional remixes of tracks from the likes of Nordvargr, Alko and others. As any of you regular visitors to this site will know I do champion certain groups / artists that I believe warrant closer inspection and your attention because they are, to put it bluntly, fucking hot stuff. BSE are one such group. Comprising of K Melzter and Drakhon (of MZ.412 fame) their music, although deeply seated within the dark ambient genre, have always managed to confound expectations by twisting this way and that within a recording delighting and surprising at every turn. "Korrelations" continues with this tradition by adding elements previously unexplored. The odd passage of a song, a little bit experimentation shining through, additions of beats, samples being thrown casually yet inventively into the mix. All here. All wrapped up in a warm embrace of black ambient for which they have become so renowned. Whether these sounds are from the group themselves or from their guest re-mixers matters not.

This could be viewed as the next evolutionary step to be taken forward through into their next recordings or as work in progress which will go no further. Only time will tell. Until then just sit back and revel in the BSE experience with this release.


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