CDR: Einzeleinheit 004 [2005]

Safari Movement
Manilas Hospital #1
Combat Shock
Beneath A Stealth Sky (Original Mix)
A World Full Of Sorrow
Glimmerman (Head Hunt Mix)
Neo Paladin
Because Of You

Highlighting the diversity of spheres present within the broad fields of electronic music, Einzeleinheit present another debut album, this time for beat instigator Brian Uzna. Thus with its eclectic take on a variety of aspects of beat oriented electronica, this album would easily sit alongside quite a number of acts on the Ant-Zen roster.

With tracks swinging from choppy click’n’cut electronica ('manilas hospital 1#'), to moody piano loops, scattergun samples and programming ('combat shock'), through to the bouncy and upbeat technoid ('beneath a stealth sky'), some seriously diverse ground is covered. 'Neo Paladin' likewise explores more subtle territory with moody floating melodies, sparse programming & textural glitches. On the other hand 'Because of You' could draw comparisons to the orchestral infused broken breakbeat of Beefcake – which of course is a compliment!

To its credit the diversity of inspiration & ideas are equally matched by the skill of the composer Brian Uzna. What has ultimately been achieved is an album that has a clear coherence, despite such wildly playful ideas. Certainly in less experienced hands could have just as easily turned into a unintelligible mess. “Combat Shock” is definite highlight & excellent surprise of recent releases I have had the opportunity to hear.


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