CD: Segerhuva 11 [2005]

Master Control
Pain & Pleasure
Forced Entry

The 80’s was a fantastic era musically. Every form of music seemed to converge at the same time into one massive grid locked throng. In retrospect it was probably the best musical decade we’ve ever had. Even more exciting…depending on your point of view…was the influx of the home cassette boom where every man and his dog flogged their latest tape endeavour at the local record store or market. Some entrepreneurs even took it further and started their own labels producing limited edition cassettes from artists they admired but who didn’t have an outlet for their music. A lot of these labels went to the wall…although some notably went onto greater things and still exist today….and with their demise the music they put out seemed lost forever.

Luckily for us there are enough understanding labels out there who know the value of re-releasing these long lost artefacts and re-mastering them to their full glory. Now more than ever can the historical heritage be relived and reassessed by those interested in the music which may have passed them by first time around. Take for example this recording by Blood Ov Thee Christ which has finally seen the light of day thanks to the Segerhuva record label from Sweden. Recorded back between the years 1984 - 87 and first released on the Lilit label it comes with an additional track from 1988 not originally included on the c60 release. As a document of the time it proves that in Sweden there were artists capable of producing vomit inducing extreme music that moved slightly sideways away from Whitehouse and their ilk’s template. "Master Control" is a crazy mad record that has easily stood the test of time. In fact it compares on equal footing to any of the extreme electronic music still being trundled relentlessly out today by those who still think they are the instigators of something unique and different. Without stating the bleeding obvious "Master Control" is as hardcore and downright nasty as anything currently available. The extremities of the sonics hit the sweet spot perfectly. The high piercing frequencies tempered with gurgling rumbles and all out obstinate assaults to the senses sound so vibrant and essential even today. Throw in some samples and you’ve got the nearest thing to extreme electronic nirvana you’ll encounter.

When the great history of electronic music is finally written Blood Ov Thee Christ will be included amongst all the other artists who dared to challenge convention and record sleeze bag music that only a minority could understand and love. The past has been lovingly restored and can now be fully appreciated with the liner notes acting as an informative guide back to a release long forgotten except by those lucky enough to purchase the original tape first time around. One wonders what other gems have still to be unearthed and whether they will still have the same amazing impact as this release by Blood Ov Thee Christ. Essential for noise fanatics or those interested in a historical glimpse of the past.



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