MCD: Sheela-Na-Gig Sha-Na Penisring Ning CD1 [2006]
Ltd x 333

A Well Hung Monk
Clear Skies & Dark Skies
Das Gegenteil

Sacrilege. The man dares to speak sacrilege. Yes I do. So please look away now... for there are some of you out there reading this who will be deeply fucking offended. Massimo & Pierce were dancers / performers who worked with Coil on stage. I never like Coil. Gasp! Couldn't get into their music. Shock! Coil failed to register with me on every level. Horror! Heretic! Burn the unbeliever! Fucking grow up is my response to those cries. Not every group is going to appeal to 100% of music lovers. I just happen to find the music of Coil dull and dreary. They seemed genuinely nice people though from the interviews I read. Not that that last sentence will appease the acolytes reading this. What was it Doris Day sang again? Oh yeah "Que sera fucking sera"... although she missed out the fucking bit. The reviewer's padding this out a bit isn't he you're probably thinking. By jingo you are right. Because "Im Gegenteil" is only 4 tracks long and I‚ve to use up space somehow. Doesn't look like I've put in any effort otherwise. The review then.

"Im Gegenteil" acts as a kind of preview release to two further full length Black Sun Productions releases. Tracks 1('A well hung monk') and 3 ('God?') are from "The Impossibility of Silence" recording and tracks 2 ('Clear skies and dark skies') and 4 ('Das gegenteil') taken from "Veneration X". Acting alongside Massimo & Pierce was someone called Drazen. He might be another dancer / performing artist for all I know.

Musically Black Sun Productions aren‚t afraid to mix things up a little. Opening with 'A well hung monk' they start with a simple piano refrain over which a high frequency note is trailed blazing across it as a more oppressive sound forms in the background. Tempered with this is various electronic effects which makes for a beguiling sound sculpture overall. The tempo is then upped for 'Clear skies and dark skies' where they adopt a DAF electro sound with a spoken worded vocals taking centre stage. On 'God?'... the shortest track here... they adopt a more Der Plan electro sound. If you know your German groups you‚ll realise the differences I'm talking about. Just like Der Plan they throw all these weird electronic sounds, and additional sample, around... flinging them here, there and everywhere. Ending on a high with 'Das gegenteil' they adopt a tribal / ritual beat which grows in frenetic ferocity and velocity before ending with a bout of scrambled chanting vocals.

There is something very endearing about hearing the music put out by Black Sun Productions. Never wildly over cooked or produced they almost hark back to a time when the more minimal approach to electronic music was the accepted norm. They aren't afraid to diversify their sound - which to me is a good sign and one that shows the artists are willing to take gambles with their music. As a showcase for their releases, the 4 tracks found on "Im Gegenteil" offer a valuable insight, call it "try before you buy" if you must, into what you may expect to hear from this act. Super stuff overall and not a bad word can be spoken or written about the music. Makes a healthy change.

"Im Gegenteil" I believe means something like "the wrong way" in German. More like the right way to these ears. Limited to 333 copies you can grab a copy direct from their website. I suggest you do just that.


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