CD: Glass Throat Recordings 006 [2002]

Inside Passage
Tree Descendant
Near The Horizon
Temporal Tributary
Kootina Hora
Frail Sinking Spirit
Nature Devastated

Beneath the Lake, comprised of Dave Canterbury and Nicolas Lampert, offer an engulfing ambient copse of tracks dark as they are dense on this, their debut album.  Like label mate, Ruhr Hunter, the duo mesh environmental recordings with natural instruments, and kindly the animals incorporated in each track find mention in the liner notes. While to the listener such fauna are not notable by their recognizable aspects in nature they find warped and undulated countenance at the hands of the twain.

Drones and noise, to be found in abundance in most dark ambient work is not amiss in "Inside Passage", yet successfully the natural world is encapsulated in their tracks. The oceans depths of ‘Water’ where chimes the bells of Debussy’s cathedral amidst a shouldering butt of fathomless noise breaks surface in spumes of gurgling liquidity. Continuing the elemental theme in 'Inside Passage' one can barely discern the congeries of sampled whales that take on eerie isolation despite layers the sonorous bellows and pealing that sound more like the ghosts of slaughtered behemoths rotting at the bottom of the ocean than the graceful mammals of the ocean. The third track, ‘Tree Descendent’ introduces solemn melody to oscillating tones of noise that surge in billowing flourishes. From the low-fi drone of ‘Near the Horizon’ one is lulled into security with ‘Temporal Tributary’ that begins anent the former track to be wracked with flailing tentacles of noise that whip from an uliginous pool. Reviving melodic strains of sadness, ‘Kootna Hora’ reaches ever-skyward yet fails in its ascent before the wreck of ‘Frail Sinking Spirit’ spasms on the surface of some vast, infernal tarn as it slowly succumbs to hungry, dolorous waters. The final track, ‘Nature Devastated’ tabling some twenty of the seventy minute journey of Inside Passage is a lengthy exposition in three movements over desolated forests and blasted land, throbbing with the pulse of the earth.

Printed on card stock booklet and tray peppered with silvered scintillant dust, dressed with desaturated semi-opaque visions of nature overlain with humankind’s structures of rape. A four page booklet lists the animals used in each track but for the most part text is as sparse as the imagery itself. Beautifully presented.


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