CD: Cold Spring Records CSR43CD [2003]

The Look in Her Eyes
The Stranger
Bitter End
November 1970
Panic in Mathraki

Band of Pain is essentially the work of one man: Steve Pittis. This release sees the involvement of family members Natasha and Rebecca, providing the female voice samples, while Steve provides the male voice samples, words and music.

"The Look in Her Eyes" is a sombre, cinematic track with male voice samples, neoclassical elements and fluctuaring drones. I can imagine this as a backdrop to a stark documentary of our time. "The Stranger" (featuring Natahsa and Rebecca) is a fantastic reverberating piece with electronic percussion and melancholic string arrangements. The female vocals are echoed and at times barely discernable. "Bitter End" is my personal favourite of the whole album: dark ambient drones with electronic strings, fluctuating electronic samples and echoed voices. "November 1970" is an eerie track with deep drones and chimes, radiowaves and strings. It moves forward into a more dark ambient/neoclassical fashion towards the end: very reminiscent of Raison D'Être. The culmination of the album, "Panic in Mathraki", a piece just over 20 minutes in length, begins slowly with a solitary piano, gradually bringing in electronics and strings. Later the track features drones and electronic samples. An evolving piece, very chilling.

A very beautiful piece in a nice digipak. Also recommended is BOP's soundtrack to "Sacred Flesh", another Cold Spring Records release (CSR33CD).


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