CDR + 3" Video CDR: Autarkeia 02 [2004]
Ltd x 250


Cigarettes will eventually kill me. I know it. My fucked up lungs know it. I’m sitting at my pox of a computer staring at a blank screen having chain smoked my way through six cancer sticks already. I don’t know what to write for this Baltic Flour Mills review. Words won’t flow. I’m playing the CD staring vacantly into space. Sparking up another King Size death dealer I decide to put my thoughts down cohesively as I can. This fag is hitting the spot.

Thought 1: Baltic Flour Mills comes housed in a DVD case with a CD and an extra 3" CD as a bonus. The booklet that accompanies the CDs contains pictures which I presume is of the Baltic Flour Mills. The buildings are derelict and in a state of disrepair. I light another cigarette. The smoke scalds my tongue.

Thought 2: Baltic Flour Mills is an environmental recording made in and around the buildings concerned. These sounds have then been taken, processed and fucked with to create what I’m currently hearing. Thus I’ve heard an aeroplane flying overhead, a police car or ambulance going somewhere, bits of metal scraping and grinding together, doors opening and closing, chains swaying into walls, and so much more all played over what sounds like a generator humming in the background.

Thought 3: That’s it. That is the sum of the pieces. The sound of dead buildings still alive. Still existing in a world no one is supposed to hear.

Thought 4: I’ve heard many such environmental ambient / experimental records before. Like this one all have needed to be approached with an open mind. Like this one all are an acquired taste. Like this one they have all been pretty heavy going but staying with them reaps eventual rewards in the end.

Thought 5: Baltic Flour Mills will never feature in my top ten records of all time. Nor for that matter my top 20 or 50. But that’s not to say it’s not worthy of note. This type of recording fits a niche suitable to the mood you’re in when you want to play it. Like the buildings portrayed it will still be there when you need it when others have collapsed to nothingness.

Thought 6: My ashtray is full to overflowing. Best I empty it.



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