CD: Vendlus VEND006 [2005]

Bridges Are For Burning
The Fight Is On
Suicide SOng
Overdose Of Hate
Here Comes The Pain
You Or Me
Mantra For The Nihilist
Sleeping With Knives

On the first day God created the earth. Bit of terra forming here and there. It wasn’t easy work but someone had to do it. On the second day…or maybe it was the third or fourth…time flies by when your having fun…he created Man. Good choice if I say so myself. Then he fucked up slightly by creating Woman. Not the actual creation bit but the bit where he gave them the power of speech and thought and a way of bleeding every month. Realising his mistake he gave Man the power to be the best drivers, have the best dress sense, have the best sports…and as a final gesture…the best taste in music. Seeing a Woman cry over an Elton John song is proof that He exists. Of course not all Women followed His template and some actually copied all the inherent traits of Man…but thankfully they were far and few between.

Not many Women would understand the music of Babyflesh. The name would be off putting for a start. Then if they got over that they definitely wouldn’t appreciate the music. There’s no tearjerkers about lost / dying love to make them weep uncontrollably into their soiled hankies. So best we keep Babyflesh and "New Wave of Cynicism" to us Men who can fully appreciate such music. Joking aside…and I was only joking so no used tampons through the mail please…this is the second release by Babyflesh who formed around 9 years ago in Norway. Releasing their debut recording "Curiosity Killed the Angel" on the Slaughter Productions label in 2002, "New Wave of Cynicism" collects 4 years worth of material onto one monumental brutal and aggressive slab of Death Industrial / Ambient music, with rhythmic overtones and samples for your listening pleasure. Oh baby you don‘t know what you‘re missing. Feel the force as the repetitive structure of track two ‘The fight is on’ seers the hairs on the back of your neck as beats pound over distorted vocals and electronic squalls of noise. Submerge beneath the rigid drum pattern and more convoluted electronics as the vocals ping pong across an empty void of track three ‘Suicide Song’ before grasping for air. Freak out to the machine noise of track four ’Overdose of Hate’ as it relentlessly purges the body of all impurities.

This is not a love song’ sang Public Image and "New Wave of Cynicism" is not a love album but a testament to hate, madness and total isolation. Over the eight tracks on the cd the harsh realities of a cold and miserable existence are there to be experienced and devoured. Savour and relish music that confronts your deepest fears and anxieties. Only real Men will fully appreciate this accessible journey into self loathing and disgust that steamrollers all in its path. One of the finds of the year so far. Don’t miss out on it.



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