2 x CD: Eternal Soul ESCD03 [2005]
Ltd x 400

Aria Morta I (live Berlin 2004) 
Rome Messages 24.XII.1942 (2003) 
Aurora (with Kirlian Camera) (2005) 
Equinoxe (2002) 
U-Bahn V.2 "Heiligenstadt" (Kirlian Camera cover, live Berlin 2004) 
Monument (live Heldrungen 2003) 
Lohe II – In Memoriam (live Heldrungen 2003) 
Aria Morta II (live Berlin 2004) 
Lohe I – Rome Messages (live Heldrungen 2003) 
Observers New Europa (connected, live Heldrungen 2003 and Berlin 2004) 
Initiation (live Rostock 2002) 
Radio Message 1970 (live Heldrungen 2003) 
Flamme (2003) 

Thorned Messages (theme) (2000) 
Thorned Message I (2000) 
Thorned Message II (2000) 
Thorned Message IV (2000) 
Thorned Message VI (2000) 
Eternal Light (2000) 
Untitled I (2001) 
Untitled II (2001) 
The Wolf Age I (excerpt I, 1997) 
The Wolf Age II (excerpt II, 1997) 
Elbentrötsch (excerpt, 1996) 
Durch Licht zu Nacht (excerpt, 1995) 

Here we have another release on the ever impressive Eternal Soul label whose releases in both vinyl and CD are much sought after from music collectors worldwide. Charting the musical rise of Axon Neuron / Vagwa from 1995 - 2005...who weren’t so much a blip on the music radar but were never within radar’s reach in the first place…this anthology of sorts showcases the talented Enrico Eisert in his full unmitigated glory. I’m not being sarcastic here. This guy has been cruelly overlooked and should have had far more recognition than he’s so far received. This release should change all that. The reason that most of you probably haven’t heard of Enrico is that the majority of his releases have been on limited cassette and CDRs on hard to find labels. A cult is born then cruelly forgotten about in the bat of an eyelid. Let’s try in our own small way to rectify this tragic situation.

Perhaps I should have mentioned that this is in fact a double CD. The first CD comprises mostly live and rare compilation tracks. The second CD is culled from cassette only releases with one track from another compilation. That’s great you’re thinking. What about the music? What makes this guy different from every other Tom, Dick and Harry currently plying their wares?

Enrico has a very diverse musical style. At any one time he’ll happily play Ritual and Tribal / Dark ambient / Neo-Classical / Post Industrial / Martial / Choir / Sample strewn / Desolate Atmospheric music which you’ll find scattered around these two discs. Surely then this makes him a player of all but a master of none? Totally the opposite. All the compositions on these recordings have a powerful emotive feel to them. Be they the wondrous melodies that wholly engulf the persona to the more reflective thought provoking moments so full of melancholy and sadness. When he hits his stride with bombastic overflow you truly believe in him and the visions he’s carving out. At one point I even cried out "Go Enrico go"…but then I’m sad that way whenever I let the music rule my heart and head. There’s even a magical collaboration with Kirlian Camera which, if you’re unfamiliar with that group, will make you want to investigate their output further.

The one thing I’m forever learning whilst doing these reviews for this esteemed site is just how much quality music there is out there waiting to be discovered or re-discovered. This act was completely unknown to me and thanks to Eternal Soul I’ve been privileged to bathe in the reflective glory that is Axon Neuron / Vagwa. Working within so many genres has only impressed me more to the multitalented Enrico. Strictly limited to 400 copies don’t let this one pass you by. Enrico deserves to be heard by all discernable music lovers everywhere.


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