CD: Crunch Pod 41 [2005]
Ltd x 1000

This Is The Hollow Point
White Cover
Letter From Miki City
Meet Me Half Way
Tell Me When To Care
Tomorrow It Rains
The Same Hole As Yesterday [feat. ambience by DJ Squeakypete]
August Sunday Afternoon
When To Care [vs. Jeye]
White Cover [Pneumautoclavis Poison Mix by Pneumatic Detach]
Meet Me Half Way [Mix by Slacknote]
White Cover [Heaven Likes It Dirty Mix by Iszoloscope]
Tell Me When To Care [For What Its Worth Mix by Eva/3]
Meet Me Half Way [Meet Me Half Way To Hell Mix by Noisegirl]

"You Are My All" and More is Tony Youngs debut album as Autoclav 1.1 and follows 2 CD EPs released earlier in 2005. Recorded during a period of deep personal emotion at the loss of his beloved cat Frank, the album reflects a state of mind and expresses a range of emotions from melancholy reflection to anger and frustration.

The album opens with the gentle resonance, relaxed beat and melancholy piano musings of 'Headspatial' but soon gives way to the droning ambience and torrent of metallic aggression that is 'This is the Hollow Point'. 'White Cover' maintains the manic energy levels with a flood of huge crashing industrial beats while 'Meet Me Halfway' eases off the beats slightly adding a soothing choral backing and some sweeping ambient texture. Keeping up the post-industrial glitch noise theme is 'Tomorrow It Rains' with its frenzy of slightly abstract pounding beats and swathes of sweeping texture. Punctuating these tracks are 'Letter from Miki City' and 'Tell Me When to Care'; tracks that further emphasise the atmospheric textures and moods that Young is equally capable to creating. Sitting somewhere in between the two extremes is 'The Same Hole as Yesterday' which has a prominent drone fighting for dominance with insistent and addictive rhythmic beats. Particularly poignant is the gently emotive of 'August Sunday Afternoon'. Young's collaboration with JEYE - 'When to Care' - closes the album with a slightly abstract rhythmic excursion into the darkside.

Also included on the album are five bonus remixes of various tracks by Pneumatic Detach, Slacknote, Iszoloscope, Eva/3 and Noise/Girl. Pneumatic Detach submit a strong remix of 'White Cover' with aggressive rhythmic beats, just the right amount of distortion and desolate industrial effects while Iszoloscope's rehash of the same track is a punishing distorted stop-start affair. Slacknote's 'Meet Me Half Way' remix is slightly erratic and random with shifting beat patterns while Noise/Girl's rework of the same track is obscured by excessive amounts of circuit bending noise. The Eva/3 remix of 'Tell Me When to Care' is an aggressive heavily distorted beat onslaught that obscures the drone-based flow of the original.

Young's music has two sides; the powerful, aggressive dominant side that is initially the most noticeable in his music and another less obvious side, that of a more subtle moody ambient musician. The subtle side is often obscured by the forcefulness of the aggressive side but it is this dominant side that Young is often the most competent in, producing ferocious grinding rhythmic noise with an experimental edge.


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