CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI133 [2004]

In Chaos Eternal
Illusion Breaks
Hidden Crimes
Twisted Foetus
Dark Water
The Call
Frosted Snowflakes

Atrium Carceri’s debut recording "Cellblock" on CMI was one bleak motherfucking tour de force of black ambience. I wrote those words exactly in my review for Bunty for Girls magazine. Bloody thing never got printed. Fuckin’ kids.

With the follow up Atrium Carceri have produced an ever darker recording based on a lunatic asylum. They must have a ‘thing’ about buildings. I’ll going to cut to the chase here and just say that this is monumental. Nay it’s spectacular and awesome. "Seishinbyouin" drags you in to a nether world of subliminal madness and decay. Voices clear and distant rebound echoing off walls that drip water cutting a swathe through years of grime. A piano plays a lament to lost tormented souls whilst all the time an omnipresence of horror lurks nearby. The sense of prevailing evil is every where and souls long ago lost in an age of innocence despair at their surroundings. Things clatter and fall whilst orchestral music thunders and recedes. Shit I could go on about the beats, chants, and everything on here but there’s so much happening that you need to hear this for yourself.

If you want music to scare the crap out of you then this is ESSENTIAL. I‘m even sweating writing this such is the power that "Seishinbyouin" evokes. Black ambient lovers hail your new Gods.


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