CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI125 [2003]

Black Lace
Machine Elves
Blue Moon
Stir of Thoughts
Crusted Neon
Halls of Steam
Red Stain
Inner Carceri

Atrium Carceri is the project of Simon Heath (also of the project Za Frûmi). "Cellblock" is Atrium Carceri's debut release.

"Entrance" invites us into the world of Atrium Carceri with dark drones with spacey electronic samples prominent. Samples of rattles and breath take us through this beautiful ambient track. "Black Lace" to me is a typical example of the now popular sounds of the dark ambient scene; clanks and echoes, clicks and glitches. It is a melancholic track with a distant, almost throbbing, drum and light metallic percussion. Dark and orchestral. The next track "Machine Elves" uses this 'click & glitch' sound in a spacey, echoing track along with crashes and searing electronics. "Corridor" is a heavy dark ambient piece with echoed distorted over a constant drone, strings and synths (I must say i'm not a big fan of these simple synth sounds). A deep voice sample is barely audible. "Blue Moon" features a steady drone with a slightly rhythmic beat over...then crashing percussion, reversed samples, industrial metallic samples with clanks and bumps and finally breaking glass. "Stir of Thoughts" is similar in style to "Black Lace". "Depth" again features some quite spacey electronic reverbs with clicks and glitches, rumbling and choppy electronic beats. "Crusted Neon" is another dark droning piece with crackling static and urban samples. Fairly slow-tempo rhythms with metallic percussion and electronic washes, featuring male and female voices. "Hall of Steam" is an excellent track (apart from a terrible high-pitched synth) with a loud and glitchy feel. This track is reminiscent of Inade. My favourite track of "Cellblock" has to be "Reborn". It begins with a female voice describing an autopsy and is underpinned by dark, vibrating drones. Strange echoed voice samples and guitar drones feature throughout. This would appeal to fans of Megaptera. "Red Stain" features more crackling repetitive rhythms with echoed voice samples and slow synths over. I don't think this song works really - it lacks subtlety and substance.

Overall, it feels like it was made for Cold Meat Industry, not for it's own right. That's not to say it isn't a good album, it's just predictable.


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