CDR: Deserted Factory DF016 [2004]

Hawaiii tr~p
Hermana cronaline
Otto Bazil mp3
Auto-erotic y fuerte
Babylon Zama suicide club
Jesus trîp
Sherry (Adoptive mix)
Turner Maniak trap
[-] (overdisease mix)
Baltimore troup (Poe SC mix)
Juanitolein po$ka
Monogamy trïp
Les poumons de leurs camarades
Nobo klass
Tryptamine for the soap
IRNI (LSA mix)
Santa Salvia

Atrabilis Sunrise is the brainchild of Padre PC, PCM label head and formerly known as the recording artist Catharsis. Recorded between Christmas and New Year of 2003, "Altered Alternative (Boredom Level)" is limited to just 100 copies with track lengths ranging from 11 seconds to 5 and half minutes. There are also 2 (not very well) hidden bonus tracks.

"Altered Alternative (Boredom Level)" is essentially a sound experiment in sanity, ranging from tranquil tones to erratic distorted beats. A very dark and often tortured atmosphere prevails throughout resulting in sombre to desperate mood swings. At one extreme are tracks like 'Otto Brazil', 'Babylon Zama Suicide Club' and the first (untitled) bonus track that have gentle, tranquil undertones and a calming influence. At the other end of the scale are erratic, noisy, distorted tracks like 'Hermana Cronaline' and the initially melodic 'Les Poumons De Leurs Camarades'. Sitting in the mid-ground between these two extremes are calming tonal yet uneasy atmospheric tracks like 'Hawaiii tr~p','IRNI (LSA Mix)' and 'Santa Salvia'. Add to that the bassy throbbing 'Jesus Trip', '[-] (Overdisease Mix)', 'Baltimore troup (Poe SC Mix)' and the weird manipulated voices and rhythmic beats of 'Auto-erotic Y Fuerte', 'Sherry (Adoptive Mix)', 'Tryptamine for the soap' and the second (also untitled) bonus track.

"Altered Alternative (Boredom Level)" is an album of many faces, some of which are similar yet others are considerably different. The album itself is actually well sequenced with diversely styled tracks sitting together well to form a cohesive listening experience. A stylistically diverse collection of tracks which should hold something to interest lovers of all types of experimental electronic music from drone to ambient to rhythmic noise.


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