2 x CD: Essence Music ESS002 [2004]
Ltd x 800 with poster

Severance I
Interlude I
Entrance mirage
Interlude II
Voices of trinity
ragments of the past
Interlude III
Interlude IV

Spleen iconoclasma of the absolute
Elemental part 6
The archaic garden of delight
Hyperion end theme
Earthly delights in eden of rusty shells
Severance II

Hidden arcade
Hyperion main theme
The dream
Core meltdown
Arabian fuse
Twinned peaks

Ra Ta…Da Da Da Da…Da…In a galaxy far, far, etc, etc. We all know the story by now. How chesty old Darth finally gets his comeuppance by Luke…minus his wanking hand which was cut off and replaced!! The dark side destroyed by a goody two shoes with incest on his mind. Peter Anderson of Raison Detre and Stratvm Terror fame (to name but a few) has always veered towards the dark side with his work. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing "Pain Implantations" will be able to testify to this. One imagines him quite happily sticking pins in kittens eyes in his spare time just for the fun of it. But the light side has tried to infiltrate his façade and "Binomial Fusion" is the end result.

Comprising of the deleted "Elemental Severance" and "Atom Xtension" recordings (released on CMI in 1995 and Yantra Atmosphers in 1998 respectively) the 37 tracks, spread over 2 x CDs, have an additional 5 tracks as a bonus to fully whet the collectors appetite. Gone are the melodramatic evil soundscapes of old to be replaced by a bright and breezy foray into slightly EBM territory. Lush intoxicating electronics dominate over repetitive drum patterns, with additional samples spread out here and there, and considering the age of the recordings it sounds so fresh and, God forbid, tuneful and fantastically invigorating. The music wraps around you in a comforting embrace. There are slight deviations into an experimental field of things but those moments are, thankfully, far and few between.

This is a side to Peter Anderson that takes a bit of getting used to. As the melodies pass by in a flurry of happiness and harmony the expected downslide into darkest claustrophobia never arises or arrives which, depending on your viewpoint, is either a good or a bad thing. Personally I admire any artist willing to produce something away from the expected norm and "Binomial Fusion" is certainly that. All 37 tracks possess a certain quaintness and charm about them and are suited to those occasions when you want to listen to something that is upbeat and relaxing and doesn’t involve tales of death and decay. If ever there was a recording suited to be heard on a bright summers day then this is it. Credit where credit is due.

"Binomial Fusion" adds another perspective to the ever impressive output from Peter Anderson and shouldn‘t be dismissed out of hand just because it dares to be different by veering into more ambitious musical realms. Never fear. The dark side will always take precedence but for now let the forces of good bask in a rare victory.


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