CD: Cruel Moon BC-008 [2002]

Jarem Gitti
Sendero En Lago Verde
A L'Aube
Mundus Est Jocundum

There are in Venice three magical and secret places. The first one is on the 'Calle Del Amore', the second near the 'Ponte Delle Marevegie' and the third on the 'Calle Del Massani' in the 'Ghetto Vechio'. Says an ancient tradition whose origins hide in the mists of time, that every time the venetians are tired of their reality, they go back to those secret places, open a door at the end of those streets and depart to wonderful places and their lives.

These words belong to Corto Maltese, but they can be used to describe the work of Ataraxia. Like those streets lost in memory's dust, Ataraxia's music takes us to another time, other ways of life, other emotions. Sung in French, Latin and Italian, once again this band from Modena, Italy, offer us a plectora of beautiful songs, both original and traditional, in the style they've been getting us used to. Medieval and oniric.

This is perhaps the biggest problem with this band. Unlike Dead Can Dance, a band that immediately springs to mind, these Italians seem incapable of evolution, of opening new doors and finding new paths for their music. Crystallised in a not very original formula they keep record after record offering more of the same. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it's just the way they are.

Beautiful but not mind blowing.


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