CD: Steinklang SKD12 [2006]

The Third Secret
Nobody Knows
Forbidden Daughter Of God
Dark-Heart Procession
Angel Of Silent Heaven
Abode Of The Dead
Night Of The Skies
Enlightening Fire
False Hypothesis

Niiko has been well off the musical radar for years. After the success (if not sales wise at least critically) of the "Derelict" CD back in 1999 nothing has been forthcoming. Rumour had it that the Asmorod project was dead and Niiko had moved onto other things. There was even talk of finding religion and becoming a monk. One of the better rumours spoke of starting a trout farm!! The internet may be the source of great and useful information but it's full of idiots making shit up as and when they want. The scary thing is that people believe everything they read on the internet. Thus fuelling more idiots to write further factual inaccuracies. A vicious never ending cycle.

The truth of the matter is that Niiko has been hard at work doing other things and simply took a break from creating ambient music. And now, as he returns with his magnum opus "Hysope" - it's like he's never been away. Welcome back Niiko. We've missed you.

Magnum opus. Great words. Sums up succinctly the ten tracks on "Hysope" without needing or requiring any further information. With the theme of "purity by cleansing" at its core Niiko has created this incredibly impressive atmospheric recording that will go down as one of THE GREATEST dark ambient recordings ever released. A benchmark that many will forlornly try and fail to copy in the future. Crafting elaborate and intricate sounds from the electronics, and mixing in forays into sub bass drones and field recordings from nature, is a beguiling mixture that just scratches the surface of what "Hysope" has to offer. Niiko, an artist never afraid to experiment, adds touches of minimalism and choirs into this already heady brew that takes the music into other stunning heavenly dimensions. By never regressing into using abrasive sounds the recording takes on a meditative feel of beautiful quasi-religious serenity. Underlying tensions and fearful torment dispelled by the overwhelming feelings of love and utter devotion. The cleansing processes completed leaving only utter euphoria in its wake.The doubters amongst you will shrug, never realising what all the fuss is about. But forget about them. They don't know what they're missing out on. Those who have followed faithfully the releases of Niiko with be overwhelmed by the music on "Hysope" as it eclipses his previous excellent work.

Niiko has created a "dark ambient" recording worthy of the name. A release full of emotional turmoil and salvation that is impressive in scope and imagination. The long wait was worth it as Niiko comes of age and delivers on his earlier promise of even greater achievements to come. Housed in a gorgeous digi-pak and distributed by Steinklang Industries "Hysope" is a grade 'A' "must buy" release. No questions. End of.



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