CD: Eibon Records ASI057 / Radiotarab Rt002 [2005]

Ode Blue  
The Pounds Of Love
These Black Roses Bloom At Dawn
Ode Red 
Black Is Blue-tiful
Celestial Raga
Tempus Fugitive
Ode Black
Gloria Whole
Suite Cold Stars : I. Flaming Hearts Of Ice
Suite Cold Stars : II. Stellar Lullabye
Suite Cold Stars : III. Solar Flare Out

Asianova returns after their highly revered "Burning the Blue Skies Black" debut with another sprawling monolithic epic of an album, sweeping through ethno infused ambient fields and on to wide plains of bloated droning atmospheres. Simply put, the sheer scope and depth displayed is quite staggering, where, flute/ wind instruments, tabla, percussion and female vocals (utilised as an instrument), compliment the expansive tidal flows of ambient treated guitar textures & synth lead drones. Pushing well beyond any mere dark ambient tag, the entire atmosphere ascends into a spiralling core of spirituality - but not the western world’s concept of spirituality, rather that of the Asiatic world (as reflected within the cover’s imagery). The sheer breadth and textural scope of this CD would seem to be the direct result of the musical contributions of 5 individuals, meaning in the case of Asia Nova, 5 heads are certainly better then 1!

As massive and epic as this particular album is, it is actually the first instalment of a 6 album series under the umbrella title "Turning the black skies blue again", which certainly begs the question of what musical heights might be scaled on subsequent instalments? Yet before this is formally answered by the group, this CD is absolutely fantastic place to begin.


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