CD: Flood The Earth FTE11 [2006]

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Let's put the cards on the table. No bluffing. No bullshit. Show and tell. Here's mine. There are people out there who do not 'get' what Clint Listing and partner in crime Aries are about. They read too deeply into their military fascination with both World Wars and see them, wrongly as it happens, as a Neo Nazi pair of schlock troopers out to corrupt the easily lead youth of today. Buffoons one and all. Forget the crap. Look past the imagery. Be content with their music that falls within the neo martial / ambient / power electronics style. Not for everyone sure - but I'm not complaining.

As All Die have been quiet of late. Apart from the odd compilation appearance "Victory" is the first release from them for ages. And "Victory" isn't even a full release but rather 4 tracks, admittedly over 40 minutes in duration. So it's nice to hear from them again. As with previous As All Die releases the militaristic undertones are present and correct with oodles of different samples for you to enjoy. Coupled to these samples are some damn fine electronics, percussion, loops, noise and usage of other musical instruments and, of course, Clint with his distinctive gruff vocal style in full flow. The chant of "Victory or Death" remaining ringing in the ears long after the silences have descended. Their music has a distinctive rough edged style about it which separates them from the more clinically clean sounds of other acts who stomp and parade around the whole martial musical concept. This can be off putting to those not used to it but I believe it all adds to the quaint charm of their music. Feel free to look long and hard into their modus operandi and take what you will from it. I never read into such matters preferring to let the music make the ultimate statement.

Over the four tracks, one recorded live, on "Victory" your ears will be bombarded on all sides as Clint and Aries perform a blitzkrieg of aural proportions. By no means an easy listen but damn entertaining whilst it lasts. The victory was short and sweet. Death never happened. As All Die live to fight another day. Join them in their endeavours to march to a different beat and bring a distinctive slant to the martial scene.


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