CDR: Foreshadow Productions FSH011 [2004]

Death In Snow
The Russian Front
German Assault

"East-West Noise Pact" is the latest CDR release by As All Die on the Polish Foreshadow Productions label and consists of three tracks with a running time of just under 30 minutes. Their music in their previous two recordings that I have, "Time of War and Conflict" and "Germanic Tales", were in the vein of Neo / Apocalyptic Folk with a smidgeon of experimental / bombastic class.

With "East-West Noise Pact" they have conjured up the familiar elements from their previous work and added other dimensions to their sound which fully showcases their immense talent as artists. The first track ‘Death in the Snow’ is a droning / dreamlike atmospheric piece of wordless music full of melancholy and sadness. Track two ‘The Russian Front’ has a more textured experimental feel to it with added slightly distorted meanderings bubbling under the surface. The final track ‘German assault’ is a beautifully haunting mixture of hummed vocals and strummed guitar with other instruments that compliment perfectly the previous tracks. What I enjoy most about the music of As All Die is the charismatic and uncompromising way they approach and evolve their sound making it so distinctive and a sheer pleasure to listen to. No two tracks are ever the same in structure and it’s this scope and insight that they have that separates them from others working within the same field.

Outstanding is a word that is so easily banded about without justification but with As All Die this word becomes representative of their work and they have fully earned it. Suffice to say "East-West Noise Pact" comes mega highly rated and, like their previous work, should be sought out immediately.



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