CD:Ark Records ARK003 [2004]

I nostri occhi
Le luci di Hessdalen
La danza dei pensieri notturni
In silenzio
Lucente anima
Infinito spazio
Spina nel fianco
Lamento funebre
Punti invisibili

"Le Luci Di Hessadalen" is Argine's fifth full length. After a little experimentation on the remixes featured on "Rifrazioni" the band now adds a more folk-rock oriented feel with extensive use of guitars, drums etc, bands such Schandmaul may come to mind when first hearing, but after a whille you will see that both are pretty distinct, Argine being more focused on it's Violin Solos and acoustic guitars, when the other has a wider range of instruments.

The presentation of the artwork already shows a change, the once medieval themed and paintings now give space to a more city-themed image with a rising sun among some buildings; Argine fans shouldn't be too concerned with the changes that were mentioned, the vocals and acoustic works are still the same that made ARGINE great.

More fast paced, and a rather different musical approach but yet very characteristic of the Band, "Le Luci Di Hessadalen" will be for some the evolution they were asking for, but for others (such as myself) "Luctamina In Rebus" is still their best offering.


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