CD: Svartvintras SVP011 [2003]

Sturm V
Unity of Blood
Marching on to Victory
Bless Our Arms

Sun of Predappio
Holy Order
Militant Struggle

Puissance member H. Moller is joined by M. Björkmann for this new project, Arditi (pictures of both in the sleeve).

The album begins in the neoclassical style of many of Cold Meat Industry's finest acts (Desiderii Marginis and Puissance itself particularly come to mind) with distinctive percussion. Film samples are used to great effect throughout and military-style beats also cohabit the same space, most notably on "Determination", "Sturm V", "Bless Our Arms" and "Sun of Predappio". One particular track, the title track "Marching on to Victory" deserves a special mention. This is an upbeat tune with whistling, tinny military drums (which sound as if they're taken straight from a film soundtrack), a solitary electronic drum and male voices echo over. This is a brilliant track - a real shame it's the shortest on the album at only 2:20. It actually reminds me of the track "Evolution" on Puissance's "Back in Control" LP (also on Svartvintras) but somewhat darker and minus the vocals. The tracks "Unity of Blood" and "Holy Order" are more dark ambient forays but just as powerful.

All in all, this is a really worthwhile album to get your hands on. The artwork is reminiscent of many of today's post-industrial acts; the music is similar and will not disappoint.


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