CD: Cold Spring CSR63CD [2006]


Archon Satani was started in 1990 by Swedish duo Mikael Stravostrand (Inanna) and Tomas Petersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio) who created their music heavily influenced by the Devil’s Rejects Aleister Crowley and Mr Church of Satan himself Anton La Vey. The project ending far too prematurely with the 1996 recording "The Righteous Way to Completion" on Cold Spring records (long deleted) although there was a later release of rarities put out on CMI titled "Of Gospels Lost and Forsaken" in 2002. As usual trying to find out more about their releases becomes a perplexing / frustrating affair as they don’t have a website dedicated to them so a full discography is unknown to me. This is the 6th release in my collection I have of theirs… but they may have released others. It can become a minefield trying to tie up loose ends information wise so my apologies all round for any factual inaccuracies with regards to their recording output.

"Mind of Flesh & Bones" is a timely re-release of a 5 track recording originally recorded and released in 1993 on the Staalplaat Record label, and long since deleted. Timely because here is an act worthy of serious re-evaluation in the days when the term Death Industrial is overused to breaking point. To some they are the forefathers of this apocalyptic noise style. The founding voices so often copied but never bettered. You could argue otherwise but it would be petty and churlish to do so. Best to give them their dues and say that their influences have spread far and wide amongst a variety of artists / groups. Cold Spring finally brings this seminal / essential recording back into the public domain for re-evaluation and discussion and what a wonderful aural treat to the ears it is.

The music on "Mind of Flesh & Bones" is an intense and claustrophobic journey akin to walking unexpectedly into a black mass being enacted within some dark and dank dungeon. Visceral voices growl and threaten and bells toll mournfully as satanic black electronics swirl around hither and thither over echoing clanking beats. A subterranean voyage of the damned. The coldness of the electronics matched only by the harshness of the accompanying sounds. The music touching on the darkest, vilest thoughts of man where angels fear to tread. A nightmare vision fully realised in uncompromising hell spawned music. The sounds bringing a terrifying sense of fear and loathing to the fore.

Fans of MZ412, Atrium Carceri, Megaptera and their ilk won’t be disappointed by this release. "Mind of Flesh & Bones" is everything you could possibly want or desire from a recording that magnificently conjures up feelings of impending doom and desolation. The fact that Archon Satani remain inactive as a project only highlights how much of their past recordings demand respect from one and all. Cold Spring are to be congratulated for making this recording from these dark pioneers once more available so you have no excuses to miss out on this tour de force of a recording. Revisiting the past reaps the appropriate sonic rewards.


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