CD: Dragon Flight Recordings DFR015 [2003]

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII

"Krita Ran" was originally released on The Fossil Dungeon in 2001 as a limited edition CD-r of 250. Arcane Art is Karsten Hamre (Veiled Allusions / Penitent / Dense Vision Shrine).

This offering from Arcane Art opens with some nice controlled drones with slow overlaid rhythms. There is a unique percussion sound to this release, which is both prominent and purposeful. There is also some nice use of stick bass, which looks after the heavy sub frequencies.

The music really starts to pick up on 'Chapter V', which is both powerful and abrasive. This leads well into 'Chapter VI' and 'Chapter VII', which are which are significantly more multi layered and developed pieces. This is a great album that in places is reminiscent of Troum and Labradford with its use of guitar generated textures.


[Arcane Art] / [Beauty & Pain (Formerly DFR)]

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