CD: Cyclic Law 10th Cycle / Erebus Odora EREBUS.005 [2004]
Ltd x 2000

The Opening
Source of Light
Fade Away
Prophecy of the Inevitable
Eclipse of the Soul
Like Statues in the Garden of Dreaming
Through the Grey Horizon
Wings of Gabriel

How to begin when describing one of the most essential releases of the year? Perhaps the simply sublime packaging, as expected from Cyclic Law? Perhaps the thrill of brand new and unreleased Arcana material? Perhaps the closing of a decade and dawning of a new in the world of one of the greatest acts to exist today.

"The New Light" is a beauty to behold aesthetically and musically. It encapsulates the last 10 years of Arcana in one magnificent place. The classic, enchanting themes are all here, and from 'The Opening' to 'Wings of Gabriel' the music feels absolutely timeless. The style, for those unaware, is a mix of neoclassical and mournful dark ambient themes with stunning strings and Peter's voice to round the whole process off. For those who loved 'Inner Pale Sun', this is unquestionably your next essential purchase.

Each song here is in some way new: unreleased demos, alternate recordings and brand new writing are included. 'Reminiscence' was the first ever Arcana track recorded back in 1994 and is a very personal song to Peter based on an Estonian ferry tragedy in Eskilstuna. The first demo ever sent to CMI is included ('Source of Light', 'Fade Away' and 'Wound'), as are tracks made for live performances throughout the career of Arcana. 'Wings of Gabriel' is the newest song on the album having been penned this year. Peter says it is one of his favourites and explores a rich arabic sound which, by the statement which accompanies, hints the direction Arcana will travel in the near future. My instantly favourite track is 'Source of Light' but at a mere 2:25 it really leaves you begging for more.

The package itself contains a glossy booklet detailing Arcana's discography, a step-by-step guide to each song on the album by Peter Bjärgö himself, a mention of everyone involved in Arcana over the last decade and the obligatory thank you note to close. You'd be foolish to miss out on this, collector or virgin to Arcana.


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