CDR: Steinklang SKD13 [2006]
Ltd x 250

Die Erdbewegung
Operator 1030
W3 Pionier
Weserhütte W24
Maschinenraum 173

There are two trains of thought regarding the whole power / extreme electronic genres. In the red corner there are those who state that only purity of noise counts and that any other distractions should not occur. In the blue corner the argument goes that without the introduction of vocals or samples the noise becomes stale and redundant. Antracot sits somewhere in-between both factions. Although he is mostly dressed in red.

Antracot may not be a familiar name to many of you. Featuring a member of Atrox in solo guise, Antracot has appeared in various compilations and also has a couple of other releases under his belt. Plus he works in the power / extreme noise genres. "Maschinenraum 173" features nine tracks. The first seven tracks are akin to having Beelzebub and his Hell hordes coming into your house uninvited and poking your posterior with very hot forks. For eternity. Fun… in a wince inducing way. These seven tracks try to out do each other in the ‘pure’ noise stakes. It goes something like: ‘if you thought that one was ear splitting, wait to you hear this’ seven times over. No respite. No remotely quiet passages to ease the ceaseless pummelling. Just a seemingly endless wave upon wave of electronic debasement. Which ,of course, will make those in the red corner cream their pants. Suddenly the recording takes a different tact. On tracks 8 and 9 Antracot throws in some samples to break up, slightly, the noise outpourings. The flow stemmed just for a moment. And it comes as a blessed relief. The mind forced to concentrate on something different. It doesn’t last though. The God of noise will not be appeased by such meagre offerings. But whilst it lasted it was gratefully accepted. The blue corner realise they’ve been beaten hands down this time. Better luck next year.

Steinklang Industries. What a great label… and all their associated ones. Releasing only the best in CD / CDR / vinyl music it has become a hotbed for collectors worldwide. Some of the criminally limited edition vinyl releases demanding a full CD release. The petition starts here. It really is no surprise that "Maschinenraum 173" has found a home on this label. The noise fanatics from both corners will welcome this with open arms. As so they should. This is an intense aural experience that will leave you, quite literally, reeling. The splitting headache merely a by product of the good times had by one and all.



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