CD: Desolation House DH0700 [2005]

Blood On The Cement
Severed Living Dog's Head
Sick Time Frame
The Crash
Her Head Was On The Floor
JFK Circus
Face Print
Covered In Scars

Jonathan Canady ( Dead World / Deathpile / Torture Chamber and many other projects and collaborations ) returns and he’s very disturbed. His regular sleep patterns turn into horrific nightmares from which there seems no escape. Visions so tortuous that therapy of some sort needs to be desperately acted upon before lose of sanity ensues. Fuck paying big bucks to some fat cunt in a recliner charging 300 dollars per hour while you talk and he doodles on his notepad thinking of his next Porche to buy and screwing his mistress cause his wife won‘t blow him any more. DIY. Do it your fucking self. So that’s exactly what the big J has gone and done. Self analysis on the cheap whilst entertaining the masses at the same time. Two birds. One stone. Job done.

Using vintage analog synths and other out of date / discarded equipment the Candyman has recorded eight tracks that represent the inner turmoil he’s gone through whilst asleep. Forgoing the use of any samples…which would have been cheap and a cop out…or sudden surprises a la extreme bursts of noise the music is left to build up the oppressive atmospheres slowly with the precise modicum of sweat inducing tension. For here is music that attempts to go into the deepest darkest recesses of the mind. A primeval journey of haunting solitude. Where fear is mans best friend. The sound sculptures are beautifully realised as they slowly form, patterns are drawn and shift relentlessly, notes are teased and stretched, visceral echoes appear from nowhere and all the time the sense of foreboding is ever present.

‘Covered in Scars’ puts the ‘D’ into dark ambient. It is a tour de force of the bleakest kind. One mans nightmares visualised through music and burned onto cd for the enjoyment of others. Or it could be that the big J sleeps soundly as a baby and is using poetic licence to come up with this concept. It matters not in the long run. If this is the start of an ongoing project I for one can’t wait for the next instalment. Anyone capable of releasing a piece of work so invigorating and desolate commands my respect. Sleep well J. May your dreams be forever shrouded in misery.


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