CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR026 [2006]

Polarity Shift
Enamoured Lover
Kill Adolescents
Eat What You Excrete
Happy Kitties
Rotten Milk Chan
Defiling Today's Youth
Bush Fascism Par Excellence
Decaying Life
The World As A Rape Room
Fucking & Shitting
Life's Glow Fading

"Final Temptations" is Andrew Brockman's debut release as Android in Motion since he began recording rhythmic noise tracks in 2001. Although intense and powerful, Brockman's music is not harsh noise, based mostly on software and electronic manipulation using organic source material for each release.

There is no gentle lead in to this album, the wall of layered noise hits right from the start and permeates throughout the whole release. Brockman's music often has a very dark demonic, disturbing side that is reflected in the choice of some track titles. 'Polarity Shift' is a huge relentless grinding machine with tortured electronic screams battling to be heard. More industrial and less noise focussed still is 'Enamoured Lover' which retains its unrelenting mechanical beat but has a desolate windswept backdrop and even shows a sense of humour. 'Kill Adolescents' is more of the same but features samples of teenagers screaming threats, no doubt as a means of social statement on the state of society today. 'Happy Kitties' is a manic rhythmic noise excursion featuring a disturbing sample which explains the origin of the title that breaks down and resurrects itself at the halfway point. Continuing the theme are the trance inducing rhythms of 'Defiling Today's Youth' that is particularly powerful and addictive and would make an excellent live track. 'The World is a Rape Room' is another rhythmic noise track but this time is hugely distorted to the point of becoming a mass of random noise with little structure. 'Fucking and Shitting' on the other hand is a mix of low minimal glitch noise punctuating a more structured rhythmic noise heading towards the style of 'Defiling Today's Youth' in places. Closing the album with a flurry of noise is 'Life's Fading Glow (Death Approaches)' which pulls together high-pitched tones, low rumbles, samples of a distressed man screaming and pounding distorted beats.

Not relenting from opening to close, Brockman's style is full on and attention grabbing from the outset. Focussed largely on various forms of rhythmic and experimental noise manipulation, his work is intense and powerful but not without structure in varying degrees. The highpoint of this release is the hypnotic power noise of 'Defiling Today's Youth'.


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