CD: Athanor ATNR 022 [2003]

The Week Before Easter
Worcester City
The Wild Wild Berry
Down in the Meadow
Lord Thomas and Fair Ellanor
The Prentice Boy
Cruel Lincoln
Love Henry
The Knight Templar's Dream
Sweet William's Ghost

I must say, I've been a very big fan of Andrew since I first saw him live at the Red Rose Club in 1999. His vocal style is highly original and absolutely breathtaking. "The Amfortas Wound" is only Andrew's second release, the first being 1998's "The Bitter Harvest" but he has been involved with several compilations on labels such as Cynfeirdd, Hau Ruck!, Operative and Radio Luxor.

As with his debut, "The Amfortas Wound" is an album of traditional folk songs (primarily English/UK) - an area in which Andrew is well-versed. Having witnessed Andrew live several times, I think I recognise almost every track on this album, so it is an absolute joy for me to behold. My particular favourites are "The Week Before Easter", "The Wild, Wild Berry" and "Gethsemane". Andrew is joined on some of the tracks by other noted musicians of the genre: Knifeladder members John Murphy, Andrew Trail and Hunter Barr (also of Whitehouse, DIJ, SPK), making this a darker journey into the folk realm.

The release comes in a very beautiful digipak with the man himself appearing on the reverse. It also includes an extensive booklet with all lyrics and the historic, vernacular and textual contexts of all the songs; some of which date as far back as 17th Century. All paintings are by Andrew himself with photography by Esmarelda Munos-Torreros.


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