CD: Weird Amplexus WAX08 [2004]
Ltd x 500

../Requiem No. 1
../Requiem No. 2
../Requiem No. 3
../Requiem No. 4
../Requiem No. 5
../Requiem No. 6
../Requiem No. 7
../Requiem No. 8
../Requiem No. 9
../Requiem No. 10
../Requiem No. 11
../Requiem No. 12
../Requiem No. 13
../Requiem No. 14
../Requiem No. 15
Main Title
The Kitchen
The Dream
The Sleeping Room

Andreas Reschnjiew was part of the now defunct group Mynox Layh who released the pretty shit hot "Respectus", "Intra In Caelum" and "Terminus Claritatis" recordings. Actually they may have had other releases but the afore mentioned CDs are the only ones that I have in my collection. They are sadly missed. Well by me anyway. Probably no-one else gives a flying fuck that they aren’t recording anymore mind you. It came as a bit of a surprise to find this release by Andreas. A nice surprise though.

The music of "../Requiem" still retains certain elements of what made Mynox Layh such a great group but with his own inimitable style incorporated throughout. "../Requiem" consists of nineteen tracks , named "../Requiem No 1" through to "../Requiem No 15", with four additional tracks from a short film ‘Orphea’ directed by the man himself. Describing the music on this CD is quite a tricky proposition if you haven’t heard anything by Mynox Layh before. You have to think of it as an unconventional mixture of neo style classical crossed with avant garde trappings set over piano pieces with a certain ethnic / medieval chic. Take this as a starting point then add Andreas’s own personal touches into the mix and what you end up with is a recording that is quite extraordinary and at times damn right strange. In an acceptable and unusual way. To these ears anyway. Andreas will sometimes forgo the usual staple of simply creating then repeating a theme by using time changes mid track to keep things on the edge so to speak. And it works by creating a diversion that amplifies and intensifies the recordings giving full emphasis to the glories of the music.

One minute the sounds are very dark and broody before changing like a chameleon into a bright and breezy piece brimming full of zest and innovation. It’s this approach to his music that gives "../Requiem" such an endearing edge and one that will surprise many people…including those who have had the pleasure of hearing of Mynox Layh before.


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