CDR: Void Rekordz 006 [2005]
Ltd x 100


God my head hurts. Just finished reviewing the Void Rekordz NOTHINGISTTRUE ‘A-AFA’ release. Not a sensible choice for first thing in the morning. Fuck that was hard going. Hardcore to the max. Need a come down. Need to calm down. Need my fags and coffee. Need…I don‘t know what I need. Must carry on reviewing regardless. Deadlines to meet. Hate deadlines. Pressure upon pressure. Feel like my face has been stripped from my skull. Where the fuck are my headache tablets? Grab another CDR from the pile. Coincidence or what. Another release from Void Rekordz. This ones by Ambience. Titled "Ciclos" it’s a one tracker running time of 39+ minutes. Check out the Void Rekordz website. No info on the group. What a surprise. Gleam that it’s another limited to 100 copies release but that’s all. They do like their 100 copies releases.

Poor, poor me. Head still hurts. Found the tablets but they haven’t kicked in yet. Been sat at my computer with the sound of "Ciclos" still playing. Played it three times now. Strange. Can’t figure out how to write it up. Coffee has gone cold and has fag ash floating in it. Can’t be arsed to make another cup. This one tracker isn’t easily definable. Every record needs to be definable. Makes writing them up easier. Yeah its blah, blah, blah. Job done. Go onto other ones. Not this time. Fuck no. Couldn’t be that simple. Not for me anyhow. Now I’ve run out of smokes. Double fuck. Think damn it. Think. One piece of music. 39+ minutes long. Starts with a piano and tinny sounding beat. The sort found on cheap and nasty organs. You know the ones. Hit the button marked ‘Waltz’ and the beat is repeated ad finites. Then an organ, or whatever it is, kicks in added to the tune. Yeah…a tune. Thus the piece evolves and moves on. More piano. Some effects are thrown in. Either that or the tape it was taken from got stretched because that the way the sounds seem. Stretched and pulled. But not in a bad way. Just a dimension adder. There’s the beat. Here’s the piano / organ combo. Here’s another effect. Little changes made slowly. Nothing threatening. More changes as the tune evolves moving onward and onward until…it ends. After 39+ minutes.

Here comes the wrapping up paragraph. Headaches now gone. Pharmaceutical companies I love you. I don’t care how many animals need torturing as long as you keep producing the goods. "Ciclos"…how shall I end thee "Ciclos"? By your very nature you should be frowned upon. Laughed at. A thing of ridicule as you haven’t played the game. You aren’t controversial. You aren’t thought provoking. Shit…you don’t even fit into any of the classical / black / experimental ambient genres. Can’t think which genre to stick you in. So give up that stupid idea. You aren’t heavy on the ear. Far from it. You’re fluffy and light. Tuneful and fluffy and light. The perfect comedown record. Be it from a Saturday night on the lash. Or a heady bout of sweaty excessive sex. Or even after a vicious encounter with some head fucking extreme music. Perfect background muzak to whatever the circumstances dictate...


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