3" CDR: Bacteria Records CS04 [2005]
Ltd x 43

N.A.S.A. (every kid on speed remix)
N.A.S.A. (sound_00 remix)
N.A.S.A. (sound_01 remix)
N.A.S.A. (sound_02 remix)

Simplification is the key. Words you don’t want to read are wasted words. Therefore: Do you like Extreme Electronic noise? If ‘No’ go to ‘A’. If ‘Yes’ go to ‘B’.

A: Stop right here. Move along. Nothing for you in this review. Try another which may suit your tastes. There’s plenty more on this site to choose from.

B: Give me a high five you jive noise junkie motherfucker. Fellow brothers in bedlam you are seriously going to enjoy this release from Brazilian artist Alter Breitenbach. N.A.S.A is a track taken from his debut release…pity we never got a copy in to review…and features the original plus four remixes, one by Everykidonspeed and three by Sound-00, over its 19 minutes. N.A.S.A is purity of noise. No gimmicks. No samples. No fucked up voices. Just the same track hitting home in the ‘oh my God’ stakes. A back to basics on the perfunctory way that noise can excite and entice. Harsh electronics that has a will of its own as differing modulating frequencies are thrown around in gay…not that type of gay mind…abandon. Every remix adding to the original course sound by breaking it apart and throwing in their own vision for the aural visceral landscapes through use of subtle changes which makes for a frighteningly frantic yet strangely assuring experience. Just a damn pity here’s onl y 43 copies available.

Are you not bothered by the music but are instead a collector of unique packaging? If ‘Yes’ go to ‘C’. If ‘No’ go to ‘D’.

C: Here’s another to add to your collection. This 3 inch cdr comes in a small plastic shell inside a nice black envelope with an enclosed surgical mask…the type of which the good Dr Shipman probably used whilst bumping off the elderly of England. Great packaging to match the recording.

D: Bonus. Revel in the music. Enjoy the fact that Bacteria records have seen fit to go the whole hog presentation wise. What more do you need?

You know…one day all reviews will be written this way.


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