3" CDR: Foreshadow Productions FSH013 [2004]

Alone In Silence: Abandon
Marspiter: Fordmio

Size isn’t everything. Or so I’m lead to believe. Yeah right! Have you ever seen a porn stud with a 3 inch dick? Thought not. Still in the case of Alone in Silence / Marspiter this saying aptly applies.

Released on the Polish ‘Foreshadow Productions’ label as a 3 inch CDr containing 23 minutes of music, where Alone in Silence / Marspiter contribute one track each of black ambient music. The usual words associated with this style of music apply here. Absorbing, bleak, cavernous, chilling, cold, dark, deep, droning, evil, eerie, frightening, haunting, ominous, and stark. The ABC of black ambient…taking in D,E, F,H, O & S. I could go on but won’t. I think you get my drift. Both tracks are excellent examples of this type of music and are representative of the groups previous / current musical output and comes highly recommended as an introduction to their work if you haven’t heard of them before.

Overall this is an exemplary recording of two groups on top of their game producing quality dark ambient music and should be sought out immediately.


[Alone In Silence] / [Foreshadow Productions]

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