CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI136 [2005]
Ltd x 1000

Close Come My Lover
Your Silent Tears
Rain Has Fallen All The Day
She Came To Me
At That Hour
Triste Quiete
All Day I Hear Your Voice
Disclose Your Eyes
Sleep Now
Silent Lady

For the die-hard adulator of the gloom-shrouded industrial slaughter house of Cold Meat Industry you could be excused for tripping upon All My Faith Lost… with the rumination of why exactly is an eidolon of utopist Greece doing in the middle of a butcher barn, let alone why it whispers, 'Come close my Lover'. So broaches the stillness this hushed beckoning cradled in glazed pianoforte. It quickly becomes apparent that the album is not the familiar demesne of the dark industrialised fane one expects, more something which is in line with Cruel Moon International’s (pun on an acronym to the uninitiated) folk offerings.

The music unfolds sparse and doleful, swimming strains of evanescent umbrage, softened synth masquerading as cello shimmer in motes of light under the haunting poetry of Viola and Frederico. A majority of the tracks are without percussion, metered only by the prominent, classically arpeggiated acoustic guitar or the pellucid pianoforte. Frederico and Viola both solo and syncopate tracks between each other, her voice rasping delicate susurrations while his wavers spoken word to baritone serenades. Steeped in reverie, All My Faith Lost… would not good company beside ethereal beauty from the Projekt label, acts such as Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Love Spirals Downwards yet this album retains its European accent in the melodic medieval strains that intimate subtle antiquity not found in the Americas. The instrumentation is polished yet not spectacular or experimental; the only other natural instrument being Viola’s fluting which breathes similar lull to her vocal song.

Cold Meat Industry purists may be pleasantly surprised to find that Peter Anderson mastered the album. Released as a digipak for the first 1000 copies.


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