CDR: Roil Noise BUFU005 [2005]

ADFactory Intro
Martian Demigod
Reduction Cycle
Speaking w/ghosts
Car Wreck Fetish
Static Eater
Dark Planets
Electric Fist
Lost In Transmission
Alien Deathwomb
Inject Inside
Hijacked Tech
Small Stone Patterns
3 Murders
Belly Of The Whore
Dead Driver
Horrid Rain
Club Dead
Mixed Signal
D.P.S.T. - K.W.A.B.
Secret Anal ID

After suffering for my art…suffering being the optimum word…with the dubious pleasure of experiencing OMEGGGA:BLUE’s little opus ‘Year:One’ [read review here] along comes another release from the Roil Noise label who are hell bent on aural deconstruction and domination. Alien Death Form…is it just me but wouldn’t Alien Death Farm sound a better name?… are Pat Cooksey & Noah Flieschman and their 29 tracks…nothing in moderation for these hometown boys…is an acceptable nay down right enjoyable peregrination into electronic experimental environments.

Unlike label mate OMEGGGA:BLUE this dynamic duo…the Batman & Robin of excess culture… have the nuance and suss to produce pieces of music steeped in the confines of experimental turbulence without the grating alienation of unmelodic crud. There are tracks on this recording that can be called a ‘right Royal racket’ but they are suitably toned down so as to not be intensively intrusive to the overall effect. In fact much of this recording has a dark ambient feel to the music which wasn’t anticipated. By the same token the tracks also cover rhythmic pieces of raw power aggressive noise but these fit seamlessly into the overall structure of the recording. Looped sounds form the backbone from which the music takes shape with the addition of assorted samples and vocal skulduggery thrown in for good measure.

Which is why overall I rate this recording ever so highly. This fascinating and eclectic mix of styles, which on paper sounds like a recipe for disaster, is honed from a solid block of old school experimental electronic Industrial music updated for present times. These sound collages are a timely reminder how with a little invention and care of attention to detail experimental music, in its many forms, can be an invigorating and thought provoking experience. The word to use here is ‘accessible’. Alien Death Form have taken their art form and without compromising their ideals produced a recording that will appeal to the masses. Top notch stuff overall and worthy of inquisitive investigation.


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