MCD: Fin de Siècle Media [2004]

The End
The Beginning

To quote from the back cover: "This work is about the ever changing flow which re-incarnates the soul transmigration. It is not just a sound but also a state opposite to everything that can be reached through your senses". Got that? Good. I'm off to the pub to get pissed. Hold on though. Before I go I had better add that Akala is a Lithuanian multimedia artist and 'The End of the Beginning' is short and sweet, having only 3 tracks, and lasts for only 30 minutes. Over this short duration you are accosted by fluxing blasts of sonic distrubance overload and radio excerpts that sits nicely on the palette like a fine red wine. But only if you like red wine if you see what I mean? Its a nicely rounded package that never outstays its welcome but which doesn't add anything new that hasn't been done before - but then so what! Does it really matter as long as you enjoy the noise express ride experience? Worked for me. Barman. I'll have my usual and a JD chaser please. Make it a double. Its been a long fuckin day.


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