CD + Book: Athanor ATNR 023 [2003]
Ltd x 1000

Credo (G. Kremmerz)
Lapis Niger
Honorii Ponteficis Evocatio

"Ars Regia" was originally released in 1986 on cassette and in 1992 on CD and now gets the special limited release treatment as a book / CD combination. The book contains 35 pages of essays by members of Ain Soph on Esoteric topics and an up to date discography of all Ain Soph releases. I read the Esoteric essays. Re-read them. Scratched my head vigorously. Bad idea. I’m bald and my nails are sharp. Quasi religious / magickal information is too much for a person with the intellect of a bean sprout. Memo to self: Eat more fish.

I purchased this CD for the music so the book, such as it is, was an added bonus albeit wasted on a ‘shit for brains’ like myself. The music of Italian giants Ain Soph is very difficult to define. Throughout their recording career they’ve covered so many different genres that its almost impossible to pin them down as every recording seems so different from their last one. With "Ars Regia" the music moves from Medieval monk like chants through dark chilling ambience to harsh throbbing electronics but all with the Ain Soph touch of style and class. Startling and magical in equal measure it’s a welcome re-release and one guaranteed to send shivers up the spine of collectors of their music everywhere.

An immensely satisfying and diverse aural pleasure of grandiose proportions that’s not just for the Esoteric lovers amongst you.


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