CD: Autarkeia ACD005 [2004]
Ltd x 288

Die Leute sind Zahlen

This isn’t working. I normally like to watch my porn DVDs with a bit of background music playing from my stereo. The music, if you can call it that, on those type of DVDs just doesn’t cut the mustard so to speak. So here I am sitting buck naked with my tissues at hand trying to watch "Teenage cum guzzling sluts 4" with the "Nacht und Nebel" CD spinning happily away…and it just isn’t working. A quick point here. Never having seen "Teenage cum guzzling sluts 1 - 3" does anyone know if the plot development is better in the earlier versions or is 4 an expansion of ideas from the earlier storylines? I need to know. So it is with a heavy heart and dripping limp dick that I’ve turned off the DVD to concentrate my remaining energy to this release.

Now this I find very weird. Apparently Wolfram Sievers, who was Reichsgeschäftsführer des Ahnenerbes, disappeared after performing a death ritual. Do you believe that shit? Hey… Reichsgeschäftsführer head honcho dude…didn’t your mum tell you that if you play with fire you’ll eventually get burned. There’s a lesson for us all in that tale. "Nacht und Nebel" by Ahnenerbe is eight tracks of experimental dark / black ambient music limited to 288 copies. Actually more experimental in tone to be honest. It was during track two, ‘Knibolo’, that the pleasure of my film watching disappeared. Having some German WW2 speech sample accompanied by fucked up voices and the sound of chains and bits of clanking metal cooled my ardour quicker than a bucket of cold water. Sick I may be but even I can’t sustain a hard-on under those circumstances. There’s a time and place for everything and this wasn’t the right time.

Experimental music usually falls between two categories. There’s the ‘this is pretentious bollocks and totally unfathomable and shit’ or the ‘this works on many levels and is surprisingly very pleasing to the ear’. Ahnenerbe manage to stay firmly in the latter. Although not an easy listen by any stretch of the imagination the music never veers off wildly creating a lack of interest. Sure you’ll find all manner of sounds that will test your endurance but it’s pieced and held together so well that even the alien deformed noises that appear seem a natural occurrence. Like so many experimental pieces you can read what you like into the true meaning of it all. Be as deep and profound as you want.

The music caters for everyone. It will appeal equally to those into ambient soundscapes and those trying to find a hidden message amongst the depths of weirdness. I wouldn’t advise trying to whack one off whilst its playing though.



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