CDR: Ahasverus [2006]
Ltd x 100


Praise be! At last an artist who understands the needs of his intended audience. I get sent so many sub-poor CDRs from fledgling record labels to review that I despair when they arrive. I'm tired of the lack of care and attention that has been spent on these releases. Crap amateur covers inside flimsy single slim line cases just infuriates me so much. Why can't they take a leaf out of Henrik Summanen's book? This artist knows how to sell his music. This artist understands the meaning of quality over quantity. Limited to 100 copies "Evocation" presentation-wise is faultless. Coming enclosed in a hand made linen cover, which also has an eight page booklet inside, it was a joy to receive and revel over. I'm one of these people who likes to feel, look and read the packaging whilst the music plays. It adds greatly to the overall experience in my eyes. If only others would learn this. The personal touches count so much.

Not only is the presentation faultless but the music... well the music... is simply divine. I first encountered this artist back in the day when he released the "Ten is the number" recording [read review here]. A recording that all dark ambient / sound manipulation purists should have in their collections. His approach to setting up his own label to distribute his music showed that this method was a feasible alternative method, without having to make any compromises, and was within easy reach to every budding musician with the self belief in themselves.

"Evocation" is the natural follow on (or sister work as he calls it) of "Ten is the number". Dealing with the great dismantling of ancient monuments and temples from Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica and Egypt in the 1900's, in what can only be called theft, these artefacts were shipped and reassembled in European capitals. This venture could be called a genuine act to protect and preserve a piece of history or an act of wanton criminal vandalism that had, at its heart, monetary reward. Utilising all his musical experience these 7 tracks attempt to recreate that point in time. Once more Henrik delves deeply in the sound sculptures he's so proficient at creating. The dynamic electronics and drones lay on the dark atmospheres along with additional vocal and other instrumental effects. The result is a recording that is a sheer delight to experience. Haunting in its refrain the emotional impact it produces cannot be denied or ignored. The music perfectly recreating the dank, dusty and claustrophobic confines of an underground chamber as it is slowly taken apart stone by stone. Tools scrape away at the ancient foundations as the sense of darkness at the heresy committed prevails The walls echoing to the sighs of spectral ghosts aghast at the unwanted intrusion of their domain. The unnecessary voyage of these sacred relics awash with remorse and regret. Bells toll in humble respect and grief for the wrongs being committed in the name of so called respectable science.

"Evocation" is a highly charged emotion filled release that really needs to be experienced first hand. The sounds that Henrik has created are an absolute and total pleasure for those who hanker for the darker side of sonic manipulation. An unqualified success that you can download from his website yourself. Audio purists and collectors would be best advised to purchase the full product directly from him. The costs are minimal but the rewards even greater. If only other DIY labels would follow his lead.



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