CD: Spectre S18 [2005]

The Gathering
The Howl Of The Werewolf
U-Boot Theme
Sabbat I [Dawn-Ritual]
Lix Tetrax

Recorded live in Antwerp 2003 then remixed "Ghost in the shadow" is a collection of past tracks from the Ah Cama-Sotz back catalogue from the many labels (Hands, Spectre, Klanggalerie and Bats & Cats) he’s been involved in. History revisited and re-interpreted.

Ah Cama-Sotz has always been hard to pin down musically. His output has veered from hardcore break beats to the more exotic regions of black ambient and minimalist electronics. Every genre attempted has been met with rave reviews and his limited edition releases sell out quickly. On "Ghost in the shadow" he’s back on gloomy ambient sound sculpture ground with his usual flair and panache.

Over the ten tracks his back catalogue of long out of stock and perennial favourites have been given a new make over and lease of life whilst still retaining the Ah Cama-Sotz identity. The atmospheres generated are appropriately dense and dark with plenty of variety to spice things up. From heavenly voices and faint orchestrations to samples strewn pieces over morbid electronics. Screams have never sounded so sweet. Dull is never a word that can be thrown his way. He paces the music perfectly. Building and spacing the inventive blocks on a solid foundation of black ambience and disturbing electronics. Dreams turn into nightmares within the flickering of a second.

The very fact that this is an Ah Cama-Sotz release will ensure its success. Those in the know will already have snapped this up so my words will not convert them to the cause. For anyone else out there yet to be seduced into the nether world of Ah Cama-Sotz then "Ghost in the shadow" is the perfect place to become acquainted with this accomplished artist.


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