CD: Epidemie Records EPR045 [2004]

Dura Mater
Axis Illuminationis
Submerged Esplana
Ad Pontem Lamentorum
Taciturn Stratum
Erratic Zone: Oudrantus Migrans
Regio Inferni

Buy this now! Normally I would leave those words of commendation at the end of a review but such is the way I feel about this recording that’s it worth saying right at the beginning. In fact I would go as far as telling you to get your granny to give £5.00 blowjobs down the docks to enable you to purchase it. I once got a blowjob off an OAP. Very strange experience. Heightened by the removal of her dentures half way through the act. I digress though.

"Regions of Limen", the follow up to the equally impressive "Epidaemia Vanitatis", has everything I love about music contained within its 9 tracks. Bombastic orchestrations. Metal type clanging bits. A smattering of tinkling piano. Thunderous beats. Strange sonic passages merging into bleak ambient pieces. Spoken and looped voices. A perfect combination for a perfect recording. For your information Aghiatrias hail from the Czech Republic so if you send off for it you can truly say the Czech is in the post. Go re-read the first three words of this review. Enough said.


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