CD: Aural Hypnox AH05 [2005]
Ltd x 1000


When I first heard this recording by the Finnish act Aeoga I was going to write how it sounded like a crude genetic experiment where the strands of DNA from Troum and Maeror Tri were spliced with their own to make the sounds on "Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus". I binned that idea as it was too preposterous for words. Why should I sully the good name of Aeoga by comparing them with any other acts….reputable though those groups undoubtedly are. For Aeoga have their own voice and style and should be taken at face value because of it.

This second release…following on from the ecstatically received debut "Coav" …sees them once more playing in the realms of sound sculpture territory. The 15 tracks are a diverse cornucopia of delights where the rules governing drones, dark ambience and experimental structures are torn up and thrown away. These genres are all mixed together in a cauldron to produce the most electrifying shape shifting music I’ve heard for many a long year. Long drawn out pulses collide with discordant voices and machine hums whilst shrieking electronics give way to placid ambience. Further add elements like the treated acoustic instruments and manipulated effects and the end result is a recording that is almost a hallucinatory psychedelic experience. Where fluid coloured patterns float and distort in a nether world of outright weirdness yet still retain a distinctive solid form. Where space and time collide turning inside each other causing the waves to expand ever outward flowing from the past into the future then returning to the now. Where static fills an empty void and the ghosts of the past speak in tongues. If I was to coin a new genre to sum up easily "Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus" it would be ‘mind bending ambience’. What I mean is that the music flits from Karma meditation to nightmare visions and everything in between taking you where you want to go at the point of asking. Mind bending as I said.

This Finnish act are the real deal. A class of their own releasing recordings that are as near to perfect as you can find. Their diverse combining of genres will bring a wider audience into fold who will surely appreciate the soundscapes they conjure up. This recording from Aural Hypnox comes housed in a nice 7 inch brown card sleeve and is limited to only 1000 copies. Scandalous I know but then I’m not the one running the record label. So don’t delay…pick up your copy today.


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