CD: Actus [2005]

Középpont / Centre
Spirál / Spiral
Körforgàs / Spinning
Ösvények / Paths

Numerology plays an important part in the realisation of the renowned Hungarian project, Actus' reprise in a new CD release; seven being the years since their last release, "Sacro Sanctum", and four being the number of prime analogous importance for the music as expressed in a short essay within the booklet - that being the number of the four cardinal points, the four seasons, the four eras, the four elements, and the four primary colours. Regardless of the validity of this statement, Actus make it clear from the beginning that this is a spiritual journey and with it a dichotomy of experience and visions.

Fusing old world with new, ambient with rock, Actus never truly settle on a particular style other than the experimental yet it is not one without verisimilitude to their intentions. Suggestive nuances colour each of the four lengthy tracks on "Mandala". Ritualised percussion deposits the loam for the musical potentiates that germinate and unfurl in the first track, 'Centre', oriental incantations ululate amidst the tintinnabulation of bell and oscillating spirals of electronic droplets that swirl about the central node that blooms expansive fronds of ever-reaching symphony into a culminating radiance permeated with powerful choir and rhythmic serpentine. 'Spiral' launches an electronic foray that is soon graced with folk guitar and flute in a fusion of new and old, wending an electric guitar skillfully into the mix withoutdisrupting the current‚s passage, which plumb neoclassical depths to be joined by both malerecitative and airy female vocal lines with the murmurs of the Harmonia Caelestis Mixed Choir. Delicate, misted keyboard cue a round upon which all elements set to in, 'Spinning', where inshort strong neofolk rudiments of acoustic guitar and chant mesh with the digital radiance into aconcerto brim with élan. Finally, 'Paths' bleats with French horn the journey‚s culmination through a landscape where the sensation of movement carries the listener on pizzicato bass. This subtle motion is bonded with industrialised percussion that leads to dark deeps pregnant with adversity as a torrent of electronic squeals peal in cavernous chambers. A metal orchestra with choir illumes the path out of umbrage into incandescence.

Packaged in a beautifully bedecked jewel-case with eight-panel sheet featuring beautifully shot landscapes set in the seasons. Lyrics are included in both English and Hungarian.



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