CDR: Steinklang SK30 [2004]
Ltd x 100

An Introduction
Ode To Solitude
The Hope Of Truth (Vers. II)
Theme For Play The Game
The New Jerusalem
My Lady's Grave
Theme For Miller's Court
Sudden Closure
Sturm Der Stille
March Into Captivity
The Morning Lays Behind Us

After couple of official releases and numerous limited CDRs & vinyl (7" + 12") recordings comes this latest very limited ( 100 copies only ) CDR by the immensely talented Peter Savelkoul…and friends. Those of you unfortunates out there who have never had the pleasure of hearing any of ACOH output really don’t know what you’ve been missing out on. I’ll quickly point out that you shouldn’t confuse ACOH with the crass techno output of another group billing themselves as COH. You have been suitably notified.

The early recordings by ACOH were very much in the military and orchestral movement of bombastic thumping drums and lush strings looping together with some fantastic samples taken from films and other media. With "Monuments" the promise showed by the earlier work has been advanced to include melancholy neo-folk style songs, sung by Peter and on track eight by Audrey Baker & David Westerink, along with the usual array of neo-classical arrangements. Take track four ‘Theme for Play the Game’ for example. Beginning with a sample about playing football…which we all know is Gods true game even for us Aberdeen supporters…that happened as British troops charged kicking a football to their deaths during WW1 it then transcends into a drum patterned classical piece of music. This piece alone sums up the music of ACOH. Sorrow tinged with the tears of redemption all wrapped up in emotionally stirring music. I’ll privately admit to not being a great lover of some neo-folk style singing but here the vocals give added impetus to the delicate refrains on display and only imposes the believe that here is a master craftsman at work. These songs work in conjunction with the more flamboyant crushing pieces to add a depth of substance to the recording giving it a more balanced feel throughout. With "Monuments" ACOH has carried on his bewildering skills to defy expectations. Sure there are many artists who work within the bounds of the Military / Neo Classical & Folk genres but none can compare to the original slant and intensity that Peter puts into his ever impressive work and which has never failed to please these ears.

In two words…absolutely brilliant. I’ll add another two…absolutely essential.


[A Challenge Of Honour] / [Steinklang]

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