CDR: ron_zed [2005]

Could Be 8 Instead
Mob Barrley
Speak Of The Devil
Sand In Ears
Fill In Shit
NO12 Conspiracy
Titan My Love
Having Ur Banana Split
What Was The Question?
I'm Not Interested In Ur Cheese
Any Lust Thoughts?

The last recording from the ron_zed record label and time for a quick re-think. There I was thinking the man behind Gaop was the noise nutter who needed the calming influence when in fact it appears that Aboolele, if this recording is anything to go by, is the twisted chosen one. The nicest thing I can say about this is…what a fucking racket!! Here the artist who will now be forever renamed ‘Mr Fuck you very much’ has released 14 tracks of sheer blighted madness. Utterly butterly experimental noise pollution. A case of death by so called music. The Beelzebub of clatter and extreme beat noise. ‘Mr Fuck you very much’ throws a wobbly and everyone who crosses his path suffers. He shits all over the place. One evil diarrhoea splurged mind fuck of a mess after another. Screams here. Screams there. Pain everywhere. White noise follows white noise. Distortion loves you to the tune of beats from some virus infected machine. Madness or genius. The jury remains out on this one. Only you can cast the deciding vote. Me…I’m going to lay down and recover from his vicious attack on the senses. Some things are best left well alone and given to those with a stronger disposition.

Black or white. Chalk or cheese. Brilliance or bollocks. Fucked if I care. I’ll not be playing this ever again. Someone somewhere will swear blind that this is the second coming of a new musical age after hearing it. If that is the case then I suggest they seek immediate medical treatment. Perhaps it’s to do with my age but ‘Mr Fuck you very much’ did nothing for me. His recording was too much too soon for my sensibilities to take. Those of a more open persuasion may argue differently. On you go then. You’re welcome to each other. A marriage of minds made in Hell. ‘Mr Fuck you very much’ awaits your call.


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