CDR: ron_zed RZ011 [2006]

Intro (Enter The Swan)
Stolen Father
Sonny Chiba Is No Match For My Yellow Thunder Lion (Kung Fu Hard)
Heartbreaker, Western Productions Style
A Message From The House Of Ale!
Ba Na Na
Seven Seconds Or 7seconds, They Were Hard
Frikha Booster No. 6
Pipe Duckling1
Pipe Duckling2
Space Terror, In A Brown Space Coat
Answering Service
The Cops Are Envious (Of Aboolele)
The Great Northern Junkie
Devils Haircut And A Microfilm
The Diabolic Reuveni

They are back. Never imagined they would return after the last reviews. Hats off to them for not giving up. So many others would have said ‘fuck this for a game of soldiers’ and given up the Ghost but the ‘obstinate twins’ are made of far stronger stuff. Whether anyone who submits themselves willingly to their take on music will have the same resilience is debatable. For the ‘obstinate twins’ are not of this planet. Their mindset goes where others dare not follow. Care to be dragged down with them? Then read on McDuff.

There are 17 tracks on this latest release. 18 if you count the hidden one. You might not make it that far though. "The attack of the 19th killer" is akin to taking every known musical genre ever released and cutting and pasting them all onto the one record. Sometimes all at the same time. Which makes for a - what’s the words I’m looking for - oh yeah, fucked up totally mental recording. Mixing opposites throughout - harsh / mellow, melody / utter bollocks - it is trailblazing into the nether regions of the avant-garde without a care in the world. Scream along with them if you want to. Try not batting an eyelid when they throw out all these tortured textures without a care. Mixing guitar punk with jazz and extreme electronics they don’t give a flying fuck. Without doubt it is an absolute glorious fucking mess. A musical train crash with the bodies piled high amid the wreckage. They out weird even the notorious Japanese masters at their own game. Which is saying something . Most of you won’t get past the first few tracks. Even I struggled at times and wanted to give up. Which means, I don’t know. How can you recommend the un-recommendable. No-one sane can gain any pleasure from their noise. They’ve taken it all too far this time.

The trendy hip and knowing people will buy into it. Just to show how ‘with it’ they are. These Israeli boys who shout / scream in Hebrew and English have pushed the boat out and are adrift in an ocean of their own creation. Should we leave them to rot or send out help to bring them home? Get me a phone. "Hey Mr Coastguard. The ‘obstinate twins’ have done it again. Lost at sea with no way back. Reel them in will you one last time". I strongly doubt they’ll ever change. For better or worse they are there if you need them. I’m off to lay down. They’ve mega freaked me out with this latest release.


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