CDR: ron_zed [2005]

Morning (3:44m Inside The Fly's Head)
Bathroom Fever
Outdoor Raves. With No Pussy
Azaam Alshuma
And Then I Fell Over
Get Off The Restored
Gilaim 3-8
On The Tree (Fly Is Dead)
Pizza Matter
Maspik Schahor
Wah Terror

The second release from ron_zed, the Israel based record label, up for dissection is this joint venture from Aboolele and Gaop. A slightly different recording from my friend Gaop (I’ll call him my friend even if he didn’t like my review of "Moth" on this site [read review here]) and a far more accessible one at that. Whether this is down to the influence of Aboolele I don’t know but what isn’t in any doubt is that "Fist your ears" has a lot going more going for it. The mixture of power noise / experimental and beat driven tracks works quite well in an interesting ‘off the wall’ manner. Hell they even bring in a little black ambience to the party which isn’t entirely out of place. Sometimes they fall flat on their arses with a huge bump on certain tracks. Those that don’t work definitely don’t work if you get my meaning. Cringe worthy be thy name. Those moments though are far and few between. Out of 17 tracks the majority, be they the noise / beat / experimental / ambient ones… or mixed combinations of one or all… generally gel in a pleasant ambitious manner, not dissimilar to the more ‘in vogue’ artists currently dominating the music scene. Mixing and mashing differing styles has worked on this recording better than I thought initially possible. Repeated plays reveal more to the sounds than first imagined which is to both artists credit.

The same complaints raised against "Moth" though… regarding the overall presentation and marketing… still holds firm here. Shooting yourself in the foot may gain you sympathy but won’t garner any further sales. Shame… as "Fist Your Ears" is worthy of investigation by music lovers searching for that ‘something a little different’. If nothing else they should attain some sort of cult status but will that be enough to satisfy their own weighty ambitions? Answers on a postcard to the usual address please.


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