CDR: Einzeleinheit 003 [2005]

1. Ich Habe Nur Noch 12 Seepferdchen In Meinem Tempel
2. Jaja Ungarinyin Und Nun Zur Leiche Am Ufer
 a. Brennendes Stück Streichholz, Daninter Berge Aus Eis
 b. Ein Blumenspuckender Penis
 c. Wushl
3. Kühe Im Nebel
4. Hohes Aquarium
5. Träumereien In Den Innerelen Eines Toten Sperlings
 a. Zebraquallen An Den Ufern Beliebter Ballungszentren
 b. Weißschafe Im Duftgrußheim
 c. Taumeinde Landjugend Am Tuße des Schlammberges
6. Im Erdloch Haust Eine Falsche Schlange
7. Dhyana

With the album title translating to “There are only 12 seahorses left in my temple”, the curious surreal images that this conjures is partway there to indicating what you might expect from this German electronic oddity.

After a weird vocal cut up forming the opening track, the second piece settles down with an undercurrent of hazy ambience, whilst a twisted neo-folk styled guitar melody brings up the foreground. The third track follows on as an oddly surreal soundscape with an improvised quality to the scattered convergence of sounds, whilst the fourth track is a decent exercise is aquatic toned minimalist ambience. Later sections of the album toy with freeform neo-folk acoustics and neo-classical melodies, whilst never forsaking the hazy ambient qualities that underscore the entire recording.

With the modus operandi of the label serving to: “Search for new and individual forms of expression in electronic music scene currently stagnating” (sic.), I must say I have been pleasantly surprised with the couple of releases across a variety of electronic styles that Einzeleinheit have issued thus far.


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